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Tech Support

Ad-Hoc Website/Tech Support

On a freelance basis, We provide tech support to website owners.

Our Ad/Hoc hourly rate is £35 per hour, billed by the minute with a minimum charge of 15 minutes.

We’ll provide you with an itemised invoice each month that lists each task we worked on and how many minutes each task took.

All ad-hoc tech support work is invoiced on the 1st of the month for work completed in the previous month.

Regular Tech/Website Support Packages

If you know that you require regular assistance with your website, then you can budget for a set pre-booked number of hours support each month. This allows you to budget monthly without any hidden surprises in costs – plus you get a great discount too!

A Tech/Website support package allows us to be flexible with the services we can provide to you whilst working within a block of time. It also ensures that we reserve the time required to meet your needs.

  • JUMP THE QUEUE! Have priority over any work we do for ad-hoc on-demand clients.
  • ROLL OVER UNUSED TIME! Don’t worry if you don’t use all of your minutes. We’ll roll them over to the next month for you so that you never pay for time you don’t use.
  • NO SURPRISES! We’ll let you know when you have 1 hour support remaining and again once all time has been used.

Bronze Support Package

Buy 3 hours support for £25 per hour (total price £75, saving £30)

Silver Support Package

Buy 5 hours support for £22.50 per hour (total price £112.50, saving £62.50)

Gold Support Package

Buy 10 hours support for £20 per hour (total price £200, saving £150)

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